The best thing an organization can give to its members is an environment where they can grow into a better version of themselves. Where they get a chance to experience how to deliver professionalism in work while maintaining a friendly demeanor.


Just like it sounds, this is a meeting where every member of the company is present- from the support staff to the CEO. Not just that, they also actively participate in making the meeting what it is, a way to bring the whole family together. When you work in such a dynamic setting, at some point you are bound to feel left out. In order to make sure that does not happen at Hiteshi, we organize such “Everybody Meetings” quarterly where the hierarchical stereotypes are forgotten. Everyone gets a chance to put forward their points.


Talent does not differentiate and neither do we. Equality is a motto we live by and we have been blessed to have a team that shares the same values. In fact at Hiteshi, two of our senior most managerial positions are held by two of the strongest women we have ever met. We support our women and they support us!

Weekend Emailer

One drawback of being a fully functional adult is that the curiosity in us slowly fades away

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There is no way to explain Hiteshian’s love for food in words, it is like a moth are drawn to light

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Evening Snacks

It is one of the many perks of being a Hiteshian, that we not just understand your love for food

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