We are housed in Information Technology (IT) Park, situated in Indore with the finest technical setup and support. Our office is spacious with the right elements of designing induced carefully in the surroundings.


Open Workspace


Walls in the office can be restrictive of ideas in a sense that can escape most people’s attention. So, keeping in tune with the family feels that Hiteshi wishes to provide, we have an open workspace. People can see each other and interact with each other directly without any qualms.

Brainstorming Rooms


Our work demands us to spend some quality time with our team or at times ourselves, to think of a solution, an idea or even a hypothesis. Therefore, we have special brainstorming rooms that give an ideal atmosphere for such ventures.

Relaxing Atmosphere


In a fast paced industry such as Information Technology, stress is inevitable but anxiety is optional. At Hiteshi, efforts are made to ensure that this line is maintained at all time. The aura of the workplace is relaxing and focusses on de-stressing, even in the most engaging of situations.This ensures that the work doesn’t feel burdensome, after all happy people are the most productive.

Minimalism is the key, less components on the work floor ensure less chaos. The office follows a simple theme with touches of elegance and smidges of color in the reception area. As you enter the premises, soft music playing in the background calms your mind and welcoming faces win your heart. There are security protocols to be followed while entering the production area, which also remains the most active. Here, the arrangement has been made to facilitate smooth operations. Moreover, all possible facilities are available to the members and no stone has been left unturned to create it a premium space to work in.

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Even though we prefer open workspaces, we understand that our teams would need their privacy from time to time. It maybe to hold a meeting amongst themselves or to meet a client to discuss their needs. Thus, we have multiple conference halls of varying in sizes in the office that are built to make the client comfortable. These conference and meeting rooms are available to all members, irrespective of their position or the client.

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Someone has rightly said that the pleasure of finding coziness in the workplace is luxurious. There are few such places in the office that get us excited, like the comfortable couches that you just want to sink into after having a hard day. Opulence cannot be defined without food and therefore our vivid cafeteria has become one of the member’s favorite spots. Another bonus of Hiteshi is a beautiful library in the office where readers can indulge in adventures of the literary nature

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